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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  May 12, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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strong words the teen-ager's mother had for this homeowner. >> the mother is telling the man who lives behind me is a dangerous -- very dangerous man. is this a case of self-defense or attempted murder? police say the case begins with this 19-year-old and a football game with his friends. everyone said the ball landed in this residency are. -- in this residency yard . he later stabbed him with a screwdriver. >> he really hard maine -- he hurt me. her son is in critical condition because the screwdriver punctured his liver. >> [unintelligible] >> it was monday evening when the ball flew into the man's yard.
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he claims he told him to not go into his yard, but he asked if he could get the ball. after he reached over the fence he says the man got upset and walked up to him up the block. >> that guy came up to my s on. he claims the man punched him during a confrontation. police sources say the man pulled a screwdriver and out and stabbed him. >> was it self-defense? was it self-defense? >> he was trying to kill my son. i believe is attempted murder. i am confused as to why this guy is not in custody. >> prosecutors declined -- declined to assign the of arrest warrant. they are sending this case to a grand jury. jurors will decide if he
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attacked him or was protecting himself. >> keep us posted. a loudoun county substitute bus driver is facing assault charges after hitting a student. this happened last month as the driver was returning students from school. investigators say he told a 15- year-old student to turn down his mp 3 player. he stopped the bus in the middle of the road and struck the student. a man is facing charges tonight. he is accused of trying to take indecent liberties with children after taking part in a conversation with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl. he engaged in sexually explicit conversations with a person who was a police detective. a man is facing conspiracy charges and is passing on a
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trial. the defense attorney says they are concerned about picking a juror after the media coverage of roberts murder. three people covered up the murder. jury selection was debate -- was delayed. horace holmes has the details on this operation. >> living this close to a rock creek park is an attraction for a lot of homeowners. you can see how close the woods are to the homes and how easy it would be for someone to hide and watch homeowners as they come and go. >> i consider this to date a relatively quiet and safe neighborhood. >> the streets dead and into scenic rock creek park, but the park has been housing trouble.
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>> i have seen those spots where people are sitting down. >> police have also found these bonds. this man lives along the streets. his house backs up to the woods. last week he saw a young man, out of this woods and look into several cars. -- he saw a young man come out of those woods. >> [inaudible] i was on the phone with 911. >> police believe the criminals have been watching residents from the woods. >> police say the area has been hit with a rash of crimes. cars have been broken into and several homes have been burglarized. this woman has had her crotch fertilized several times -- has had her garage burglarized
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several times. there casing to see when people come and go. >> police have stepped up patrols and are hoping to find whoever is doing this. it looks like metro plus budget gap is getting worse. that is the flight -- that is despite recent fare hikes. metro is $54 million below budget with three months left. additional shortfall is blamed on the winter snowstorms. you can see them assessing at $189 million shortfall for next year. the number of same-sex marriages performed is on track to set a record. it has only been legal in the district for two months, but 2000 marriage licenses have already been issued.
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they are on target to ensure four times as many marriage license this year. the courts are also collecting thousands of dollars. >> president obama's choice with the supreme court met with senators, but elena kagan's personal life is grabbing headlines tonight. >> this was elena kagan's big day on the hill leading up to confirmation hearings where senators will not pull any punches, but there is one delicate subjects many were hoping to avoid facing until now. >> i would like to talk with the nominee one on one. >> it is time for those highly covered sit down with the senate leaders every supreme court nominee undergoes. a timely question, because
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causing controversy, this old photo of elena kagan playing softball on the front page of the "wall street journal." some say it was a not so subtle attempt to paint her as gay. old friends quickly chimed in, telling political l i had known her for most of her life and i know -- telling politico i have known her for most of her life. she just did not find the right person. >> it is an uncomfortable story. we had to think about it, but is in the conversation. >> behind the scenes, the white house is on the offensive. the chief of staff said they will push back hard against this rumor. they don't like the fact people are still talking about this.
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>> democrats will defend as overflowing and republicans will point out no judicial experience. as to any other analysis, we will leave that to the internet. >> many have raised the question, would a man at the age of 50 with the same credentials face the same rumors? justice souter was also post similar questions, but at a time when the internet and twitty for our cable did not drive the day, -- internet and 24/7 cable. >> there is a new twist in a love affair between mark sanford and a woman from argentina. he said he spent several days with the woman this weekend to see if they could start their relationship. he was still married back in the day when he disappeared and admitted he was in south america
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that visiting his mistress while telling his family he was hiking. he leaves office in january. the son of joe biden is fully alert and speaking after suffering a mild stroke. he is expected to make a full recovery. he is treated at thomas jefferson hospital. the vice president were in philadelphia, but will be back in washington tonight. >> dolphins are washing ashore in the gulf coast. they are the latest victims of this massive oil spill. rebecca cooper is live with the latest. >> bp executives say a new oil containment box is on the sea floor as they try to contain the spill. today there are heartbreaking pictures of the consequences of this disaster. >> as efforts continue to stop
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the leak, pictures are increasingly grim, including these dolphins most likely die due to the spill. investigators still don't know what caused the explosion. henry waxman said there was a leak in the hydraulic system and a well failed a pressure test hours before explosion. >> what we do know is that shortly before 10:00 p.m. two hours after wel operations resumed, gas surged from the well and the reigh exploded. >> bp america's top executives said the company said. no expense, cautioning against a rush -- the companies said they stared at no expense -- spared no expense. >> much of the focus remained
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on bp and offshore drilling. louisiana democrats defend the practice, but others are calling this a wake-up call to take on the oil companies. >> our dependence on oil is polluting our atmosphere and undermining our national security. >> the white house wants to lift the liability cap that limits bp -- what bp pays. they want to set aside more federal money for unemployment and food stands going to out of work fishermen. -- food stamps. >> coming up, the jury decides about a teacher accused of abusing her students. >> there is a new way to cross the road in the district, but is it an improvement? >> 810-year-old boy may be the only survivor -- a
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>> it looks like the salahis are back. >> they are planning a big
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charity polo match. suzanne kennedy is live at west potomac park with the controversy. >> people lose a they have not been paid for a prior polo event services provided to date salahis are pleased to hear they could host another world-class event in washington. the white house party crashers are back on the social scene. for the fourth consecutive year they are hosting the america polo cup. it will be held in june. >> i want to give them a good price. >> that was just prior to the 2009 polo cup. >> jason butler supplied promotional products for the 2008 event and the claims he was never paid. he says he is still owed nearly
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$5,000. >> i regret it. i thought it was something good for my business, it would get me a name recognition and repeat business. >> butler says he would never do business with them again. we met with tariq and the polo field in warrington. he could not appear on camera because he and his wife are under contract for a show they will star in this summer. he says he has a permit for the june 12 event, but the park service says one has been applied for but not yet issued. without it, the event cannot take place. one member says this year's event will attract a big crowd. >> i think everybody wants to see them. that is drawing a lot more people to the event.
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>> there are still businesses suing them for not being paid for services provided during prior polo events. if the permit is issued, the event will take place on june 12. >> a jury has acquitted a female school teacher's aide charges of arresting three young girls. -- a female schoolteacher of charges of molesting three young girls. she is now trying to regain custody of her daughter who was taken away. a high-school basketball star in texas is under arrest accused of line about his age. he claimed to be 16 when he is 22. he was recognized last month by coaches in florida and say he
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was a star high school player their use ago -- years ago. >> that makes a big difference. an incredible picture of a van spiining around by a tornado. the driver says he held on to the steering wheel. he was wearing a seat belt and that likely saved his life. but if i is that we have always been beating the drum on. -- that is advice we have been beating the drum on. >> we are rapidly raising right into the heart of severe weather season. we have that threat south of our area. we will get you up-to-date on where the nasty weather is now. let's have a look at doppler weather. there are a number of thunderstorms, but they are pretty intense. they are scattered all over the
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place. we will pay attention to the reds and oranges. these continue to work from the west to the east through the area here. more scattered to the west. a couple more individual cells are mount laurel -- and around laurel. the heaviest areas just north of richmond and farther southwest. that is the area we are most concerned. we will call these garden variety thunderstorms near richmond. the possibility of severe weather. temperatures have really dropped. it will be chilly again tonight. our weatherbug stations are reporting 67 degrees in herndon. 65 in silver spring. the winds are behind the system out of the north at 8 miles per
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hour. temperatures will be tumbling in bowie. temperatures as of 5:00 are still in the 70's. showers move that way and we will see the temperatures drop somewhat as well. it is an old front that has been separating the warm from a much cooler air. along that boundary is where the storms started developing late yesterday. to the north is kind of chilly. 46 at laguardia now. it will be in the upper 40's to 50's are around the viewing area. tomorrow we will be locked into that court breeze. we will only be in the low 60's with patches of drizzle. and as we head to friday it all changes again. then we get into friday and
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another warm front pushes through. we will pop into a low air mass. another cold front pushes in and we will be set up for late in the day with the possibility of intense thunderstorms for portions of our viewing area. the silver lining is cooler and drier air for the weekend. we are talking mid 70's. for the day tomorrow, partly cloudy skies at best, but mostly cloudy. as we head through the next seven days, a big jump on friday. saturday and sunday, amid 70's. more storms possible by monday and tuesday. >> that is the sweet spot there. >> and lucky view is going to see "oprah."
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she said she was thrilled to be in the audience for one of oprah's final shows. >> it has been one of my lifelong dreams to see oprah. i thought i was going to miss the opportunities since it was her final season. >> she said her plan is to take her mom with her on the trip to chicago. they are paying -- we are paying for the air fare and the hotel. there is still some time, just go to and enter in the keyword "trip." you do have to be a member of our open a fan club to qualify. just the nicest? >> that is nice of her, she will take her mom. >> coming up, neighbors are nervous over the murder -- and
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old country road. craigslist everybody is totally into nutrition and fitness. >> the key to helping america's kids slimmed down will be found in a local county. >> in chinatown a new pedestrian scramble pattern started today.
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>> thank you know how to cross the street safely? >> you might be in for a surprise in chinatown. they are having a new way to cross seven street where people walk anyway they want. sam ford has the details. >> with the rebirth of downtown, chinatown has become such an in place, so pedestrians compete with drivers. the city decided to try something called a barn dance. they put eight tropical -- traffic control officers in the intersection to make sure they could get across. walking diagonally across a busy intersection can be fun, but you definitely want to make sure the
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traffic is stopped first. >> people are still taking a chance. a lot of drivers come through so fast. >> that is what the system is -- supposed to fix. even when the light is green for cars and a particular direction, pedestrians can use crosswalks. both left and right turns buy cars or prohibited. >> this is one of the highest incidences with pedestrians in the city. >> conflict means people hit by cars. as to pedestrians think -- >> i like to cross diagonally. >> i think it is great. it is great to see this. >> while people say this is something done in new york and europe, some say they used to do
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it here in the 60's but stopped because the crowd stopped coming downtown. this city's sadie's traffic engineers will be downtown for the next couple of weeks -- they say the city traffic engineers will be downtown. [inaudible] i have to ask him when he gets back. coming up, miracle in the middle of a plane crash. a 10-year-old boy is the only survivor. >> a new alcohol policy. >> as search for a killer in one
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> fever is spreading through a maryland neighborhood when four men burst into a home and killed a man. we have the story from bowie. >> this is a tight-knit community. everybody knows everybody and everybody is related. that is one of the reasons they are so upset about what happened this morning. the murder happened at a compound of homes that has been in the same family for generations. >> my children --
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>> they are all related in some way to each other, neighbors gathered to try to understand the violence that shattered their country road lifestyle. >> i have never seen anything like this happen here. >> how does it affect you? >> it makes me nervous. something like this never happened in this area before. >> it was midnight when four men burst into this home. it was a robbery, but one of the men shot and killed an adult male before disappearing into the night. the attack did not appear to be brandon. another family member says that -- the attack did not appear to be random. >> i cannot have my children out here at a certain time.
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>> the victim has been identified as 832-year-old man. -- a 32-year-old man. as for suspects, police say they have good leads but have not made any arrests. >> a prayer vigil is set for tonight to remember eight d.c. council in turn killed last weekend. police found the built-in -- body of the man in southeast. friends and family are holding a vigil in his memory. the vigil begins at 7:45 p.m. >> nurses rally in a push for patient safety reform. the goal is to improve the quality of care in u.s. hospitals. it is hosted by the nation's
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largest nursing union. organizers of the preakness are pulling out the stops to bring in the biggest sales they can. ticket sales dropped last year after spectators were banned from banging their own beer -- from bringing their own beer. they have poppa their music acts also -- popular music? -- popular music acts. >> 104 passengers were on board this airplane when it smashed into the ground. it appears all of them were killed, except for one little boy. it is hard to believe anyone could survive this. this 10-year-old boy it appears to be the lone survivor of the plane crash.
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his doctor says his legs are broken but vital signs are good. his survival is a miracle. with a smoldering pieces of the plane are all that remain. >> we don't know where the communications failure happened, but 104 passengers were on board at the time. >> most of the passengers were dutch tourists vacationing. on the approach to the airport, the airliner went down. >> it left johannesburg and was going to fly on board. >> the plane exploded just before landing. it is the same model as the air france plane that crashed last year. there are unconfirmed reports the pilot said the plane was in trouble. for now, the only thing certain is one little boy is alive.
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>> there is no word on the cause of the crash. officials are rolling out terrorism. south african leaders say the plane was missing -- listed as missing last night. check of the a traffic situation. how does it look out there? >> it looks pretty bad. southeast southwest freeway is looking bad. there is a disabled buses blocking the right lane. 395 south through the ballet will be pretty slow. 95 south , just heard about a crash that will block the left lane. after that, that is what you are looking at right here. this is the springfield camera looking south on 95. >> coming up, local school
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children are growing their own lunches. it is a trend that could go nationwide. >> the mystery over eight
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>> the mystery over a female golfers death continues to go on. >> even her parents don't know what happened. >> it is a mystery that has her fans and family baffled. the sudden death of erica. >> she just finished the tournament a month ago. >> her body was found in her home. there was speculation she took her own life, but authorities had given no indication of that. she says there is every reason to believe she was looking forward to her next game. she had already packed dirt and -- packard bags for an upcoming game. >> she had been playing golf for years. she was the freshman of the year into it doesn't 3 and turned pro in 2004. -- freshman of the year in 2003.
5:41 pm
she was picked to endorse the puma clothing line, but her golfing career may have taken a hit. in the past six months she stopped contributing to her website and facebook pages, adding to the mystery of her death. police are investing -- invest of -- conducting eight death investigation. >> i cannot explain it. it is indescribable. >> exactly how she died will not be known until toxicology tests are complete in four-six weeks. >> not knowing has to be the worst. coming up next -- >> [inaudible]
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>> how local kids are
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♪ >> breaking news from fairfax county where they say a school bus was hit by a bullet.
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what have you learned? >> a very unsettling scene. about two feet behind the front right tire of this school bus, it had 31 children in it. a bullet hole very close to the diesel fuel tank. all of the middle school students are ok. authorities say a teenage suspect is being questioned and a weapon has been recovered. this started around 3:00 p.m. the driver heard a gunshot. that was around summit place. he drove to this location to inspect the bus and get them onto another bust. police say they reacted very quickly. they got helicopters out and were able to locate the suspect who they are questioning. at this point there are no
5:46 pm
charges filed. >> keep us posted. >> the fight against childhood obesity. >> there has been a lot of talk about helping kids slimmed down, but a school system is offering a solution that has attracted the president. >> we have solutions for you. the office of the first lady and agriculture secretary notice prince william sound a -- prince william county schools has doing a model of nutrition. they are life lessons in the cafeteria where prince william county schools start to change young lives. >> we should model wellness and healthy products. >> is school systems approach to wellness include its menus for hundreds of meals that are lower in fat and higher in nutrition.
5:47 pm
many schools in the county actually grow their own lettuce. students learn about nutrition from the ground up. >> it is like a completely different taste. >> this school is growing more than just vegetables. >> we are talking about obesity. >> the signals about health habits are sent throughout the school day. students are playing freeze tag wear a yellow ball represents cholesterol. even before and after-school activities are engaging around this message. a running club draws a huge crowd of students and parents. pamela brown says her son inspired her to make changes. he said we cannot eat all this sugar , we have to have less sugar.
5:48 pm
>> i told her that she has a lot of soda and chocolate. i think that we should probably [inaudible] >> true education comes in a variety of ways. >> they tell me what i need to fix for dinner. >> prince william county is the first school system in virginia to receive a national district of excellence in child nutrition awards. the chief nutritionist's actually monitor what the students choose to improve those recipes and make them healthier. >> what a great program. i love that that little boy was telling on mom. if you would like to see these special lunch menus, go to our web site at >> efforts to preserve the history of the underground
5:49 pm
railroad is getting on track in montgomery county. volunteers are going through 2000 old newspapers about the underground railroad. the founder says the -- they are up and in a living history museum -- they are opening up a living history museum. >> in part, to share american history with people living today. it is also to use history as a tool for social change. >> he has worked with oprah winfrey as she prepared for role in a movie. "modern family" is new. a whole family is in hawaii. >> we were supposed to go to hawaii for our honeymoon, but something else came up. >> i got pregnant.
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>> we just went down to the courthouse on a tuesday. >> the judge sentenced me to life with no chance of parole. >> you can catch that tonight at 9:00 p.m. it is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. >> i am not the only one who knows that feeling. [laughter] she is always mad at me. >> i love you, honey. the good news is the severe thunderstorm watch has just been canceled. you can look to the north from where we are in arlington and the sky is looking nasty. very heavy thunderstorm activity. looking up the river and very heavy rain storms just a mile away from our studio.
5:51 pm
looking down the river, they have cancelled the twilight tattoo because of the weather. doppler radar, you can see the indications of the heavy rain north of town. that will continue. more heavy downpours to the north and east of the metro areas. check out some numbers in the weatherbug network. 64 in rockville. 66 in ashburn. their time was 74. airey chilly conditions will be moving in -- verity chilly conditions. the hot stuff comes here friday, but another chance of thunderstorms friday afternoon ahead of the next cold front. and the weekend, dry air. highs but days in the mid 70's. -- highest both days -- highs
5:52 pm
both days. >> they continue to play well the nationals played the mets today and it was tied -- they continue to play well. look at roger bernadine them. that is sensational. it saves the game. tied at four, and he got all of this one. babel is a souvenir. the national's beat the mets 6- 4. -- the ball is a souvenir. last night the nationals gave up a lead. this was the final out. he makes the catch. watch at and watched the hand. the ball game over. what a catch. brian westbrook left fort redskins park without a contract and is on his way to denver for
5:53 pm
a meeting with the broncos. westbrook had a solid visit. he met with mike shanahan and the broncos want to talk with him as soon as possible. it means he has options with the rams, redskins and broncos. ray spent 29 years in prison for a break he did not commit and was recently exonerated. every day he'd thought about basith bol -- every day he thought about basketball. the club great nicety had lived a nightmare and admired his determination. heartbreaking and heartwarming story. >> [inaudible] there are no words to explain that how happy i am.
5:54 pm
>> what a great story that is. the cavaliers are hoping lebron james breaks out.
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children living in military families often face a tough time growing up. >> all of that makes it difficult to have a normal childhood. the first lady is trying to help. >> michele obama announced the president has ordered a major review of how military troops and families are treated. >> 1% of americans may be fighting wars, but we need 100% of americans to support them. this has to be all hands on deck. >> long and repeated deployments is taking a serious toll. divorce rates are high and the financial worries are common. >> my husband has been gone for as long as 14 months on a
5:58 pm
deployment. it is very hard. >> a recent study shows children in military families have more emotional problems than average, including problems at school and anxiety. >> my father has been home for three of my brother's birthday is. >> this woman says military children often feel angry and powerless because their parent is so often absent. >> i did not choose my parents profession, but i have to suffer. >> mrs. obama says the review will include developing ways to alleviate that suffering. >> to help us bring attention to military families is just fabulous. that is all for now. coming up at 6:00 p.m., elena kagan adds to the hill to meet
5:59 pm
with people. a commercial plane crashes, killing everyone on board except for one young boy. >> he did not do anything to those guys. >> a teenager staff with a screwdriver after a game of football turned violent. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin tonight on storm watch. >> doug hill is in the weather center to tell where the rain is. >> the heaviest rain is to the north and east of washington. let's go to live super doppler 7 radar. you can see all the yellow and red north of this city. the eastern shore is the heaviest rain. our storm scan shows the larger area stretching out through our storm scan shows the larger area stretching out through


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